NFCA Pond Use Rules

The Nashua Fly Casting Association maintains a fish pond for the recreational pursuits of its members. The intended use of the pond is for trout fishing using conventional, single-hook fly tackle within the basic philosophy of catch and release. While there is the presence of bass and other warm water species, these same guidelines shall apply notwithstanding other temporary methods as directed by the President at regular meetings of the membership. It is expected that members and their guests use barbless, or bent-back barbed, hooks while fishing the pond. These rules have been adopted by the Corporation to preserve these pursuits and to ensure current and future enjoyment of such a facility. The rules are enforced only by the honor system: all members are responsible for their own, and their guests, actions.

  1. Since the Corporation does not have ownership rights to the pond, members must always remember to be good tenants and respect the property and rights of the owner.
  2. Members shall park their vehicles in such a manner as to not obstruct driveways, gates, roadways, etc. at the pond area. Parking is provided in the area behind the church: parking is not allowed in the church paved parking lots.
  3. Members are expected to keep the pond area free of all litter: dead fish are considered litter. Smoking members are reminded to keep cigarette butts for removal from the pond – there are no means for disposal provided at the pond.
  4. All fishing at the pond is by the use of conventional, single-hook fly tackle: certain exceptions may be granted by the President or any meeting quorum by membership vote.
  5. No fishing is allowed between the stocking of the pond and opening day at such time that the President declares the pond is open.
  6. The basic policy of catch and release shall be followed by all members and guests. Do not overplay fish. As is possible, keep the fish in the water at all times while releasing it.
  7. Bass, blue gill, and any other fish species, not being trout, shall be released back into the pond unless taken for personal consumption. No member shall leave these species on the perimeter of the pond: return to the waters ensures that other members may enjoy catching, releasing, or the taking thereof for their personal consumption.
  8. Boats, canoes, rubber tubes, etc. are not allowed on the pond. Wading is allowed.
  9. An effort should be made to keep a fish count (caught, taken, found dead) and to report it to the Corporation for a fish census.
  10. The 'jetty' is normally open for the conscientious use of all members and guests with the exception that it is closed to all use during functions held at the pond including pond opening, kids' day, barbecues, and all other gatherings. Members are reminded to share the use of the jetty with other members, and to respect those who may fish along the adjacent pond shoreline.